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Our Mission


"At CMC Automatic Doors, we focus on providing high quality and reliable Australian products. We are proud to recommend our products knowing that you will be happy with them. We aim to provide great, friendly service and professional installation. Our installers are experts in their field with more than 10 years experience."



Why Choose CMC Automatic Doors?


Customer Service

we believe we are the only garage door company to offer an online chat facility for Customer support, sales and bookings. You can chat with us to get an instant quote for your garage door and automation. You can also use the chat facility to get advice on how to prepare your garage for automation, maintaining your garage door or any other questions relating to garage doors and motors.When you contact us you will see that we go the extra mile to help you understand how it all works. Even if you have no idea what type of door you're having or what type of door you want, we will explain everything and provide you with as much information as possible. Try us, have a chat with us now.


Quality of our Products

We believe in using high quality, Australian made garage doors and motors. Why? Because we offer you up to 5 years for most of our products. Our garage doors are from Steel-Line Garage Doors, a leading Australian garage doors and motors manufacturer. We use a range of Australian motors including: Merlin, Chamberlian, BOSS and Gliderol motors. We have a suitable motor for any garage door type & size, ranging from a heavy duty motor for a large timber garage door or a more affordable motor for a standard single garage door.


At CMC Automatic Doors, we do our very best to keep you happy with our products & services so you will keep using our service plus referring us to your friends and family. We rely on "word of mouth" to continue to grow our business.


Our Installation

We don't have any contractors. It's a family operated business and every installer cares about the business therefore he will take extra care to make sure you are happy with his work. Our installers have at least 10 years of experience in installing garage doors and garage motors. We often get great feedbacks from our Customers about how friendly and efficient our installers are. See our Customers Testimonials here. We always put in the extra effort and we believe in doing it the proper way, not just getting the job done. Our prices are not the lowest, but we provide our best installation. We often provide extra servicing for your garage door without additional charges.


Our Prices

We do not have the lowest or cheapest prices. Our prices are competitive and we offer highest quality of products and services. Many of our Customers told us they have been given a lower quote but have chosen to use our service because they feel reassured that we will provide our best service & product.


If you get a lower price somewhere else, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will try to match your lowest quote. If not, we will sure "throw in" additional services or accessories. Why not have a quick chat with us right now to find out.


Eventhough we sometimes can not compete with other companies on their "extremely low" price, we guarantee to offer you full service for your garage doors by our qualified installer who has more than 10 years experience. For example, if you've been quoted $XXX to automate garage doors and general servicing, however when the installer comes out to inspect the doors if there are anything further than a "general service", they could charge an additional fee. With us, we guarantee not to charge any extra even if we have to do beyond general servicing. Also, we don't use contractors, we send our best installer out who is also the owner of the business.

We don't know for certain what other companies can offer. But simply from our experience, our price is slightly higher because we offer our best installation along with additional servicing for the doors.


Our Warranty

You could be thinking "All well and good but what happened after I've paid? Will you come back if I have any problems?". Yes we will come back, we have come back many times of many of our Customers. Often it's simple mechanic issues with the motors that can be easily corrected. One Customer has said "I'm surprise to see how much you care, especially after I have already paid". We do care because as mentioned, we reply on your ongoing business. Though we have specific Terms and Conditions of use, we always hold our warranty. We might not be able to come out right away but we will book you in 1-3 business days when you call us back with a problem.


Who are we?


CMC Automatic Doors is an Australian owned company. We are based in Bankstown, Sydney. We are a family operated business with over 10 years of experience in installing garage doors and motors. We don't have any contractors and you will be dealing directly with the owners, from getting quotes to installation. When it comes to installing your garage door or motor, we always send out our best installer who has extensive experience.


We hope to have your business or at least help you plan your renovation budget. Whatever you need, whether it's information, approximate prices or instant help on your garage door or motor please contact us.


Australian Registered Business: ABN: 79 529 606 730


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