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Garage Doors & Motors Service and Repairs

Whatever problems you are having with your garage door or garage door motor, call us right now on (02) 9723 0953 or have a chat with us and we will get a technician out to you as soon as possible (service call out fee applies).


We can understand the frustration of not being able to your car out of the garage or the security risk of not being able to close your garage door. We can service all type of garage doors and garage door motors. Below are the list of our common services but we can fix almost any garage doors related problem.


Broken Garage Door Spring
Broken Garage Door Spring


Replace Broken Garage Door Springs

We specialise in replacing broken springs for colorbond Sectional / Panel doors, any door brand and any door size. When you are unable to use the garage door manually or automatically, take a look at the door springs to see whether they're broken. It is easy to spot broken springs, the coil simply snaps. When you call us for a quote to replace broken garage door springs, we will ask for the following information:

  1. How many springs do you have? 1 or 2?

  2. If you have 2 springs, do you want to replace 1 or both? Even if only 1 spring is broken, we recommend replacing both as the other could break soon after.

  3. Are the springs front mount (at the front) or rear mount (towards to the back)?

  4. How big is your garage door? This will help us prepare the right size springs for your garage door. Please measure the height & width of your garage door.

Installation Time

If you could provide us with your garage door measurement and we have the appropriate size spring(s) in stock, we can send an installer out to replace the springs for you immediately. The job will take around 1-2 hours.


Our Guarantee

We have more than 10 years experiencing in installing garage door springs. We offer 12 months warranty on replacement springs. Specific door size requires specific size springs. If an installer does not ask for your garage door size, he/she is guessing the spring size which could result in your garage door not functioning properly. We guarantee to provide the right size spring and perform accurate installation to prolong the life of your garage door and motor.


Price Guide

  • Approximately $450 for 1 spring for a single colorbond sectional door

  • Approximately $550 for 2 springs for a double colorbond sectional door

  • Prices are rough estimates only, please contact us for an accurate quote based on your individual garage door size. Prices are for colorbond (metal) garage doors and do not apply for Timber garage doors.

Please prepare the above information and call us on (02) 9723 0953 for a quote.



Replace or Reinstall Garage Door Cables

  • Replace broken garage door cables

  • Reinstall garage door cables



Replace Parts for Sectional or Roller Garage Doors

  • Replace single damaged panels for Sectional Doors (for Steel-Line & Gliderol doors only)

  • Realign all type of Garage Doors

  • Reinstall or replace door parts for Sectional and Roller Doors (hinges, brackets etc)


Other Garage Door Services

  • Retension garage door spring tension for Sectional & Roller doors

  • Reinstall garage doors that have fallen off track

  • Reinstall garage doors or single panels that have been damaged from car accidents

  • all other Garage Doors general service or maintenance work.


We can service any brand of motors: Merlin, ATA, B&D, BOSS, Gliderol, Dominators...

Garage Doors Motors Service & Repairs


We service all brands & models of garage door openers. Contact us today if you're having one of the following problems with your automatic garage door:

  • Garage Door motor does not fully close or open.
    Possible Service: General Reset and readjust garage door motor limits.

  • Motor is running but garage door is not moving at all.
    Possible Service: Check "manual override" cord. Check and replace broken parts connecting motor to garage door.

  • Garage Door does not stop after closing.
    Possible Service: General motor reset and readjust garage door motor limits.

  • Garage Door does not open at all.
    Possible Service: Replace motor circuit board or other electrical parts. Recommend replacing motor if motor is more than 5 years old.

  • Remote Controls are not working, but motor is working fine.
    Recommendation: Replace batteries for remote controls, reprogram remote controls into motor.

  • Alot of noise or squeaking sound from garage door or motor
    Possible Service. We need to inspect where noise is coming from and provide thorough service to reduce noise

  • ....all other problems with your garage door motors

When you call us for a Motors service, we will ask for the Motor's brand, model and age.Please provide us with an accurate and detailed description of what the problem is so we can determine whether the problem can be fixed.


Our Service Rate & Hours


We charge a fixed service call out fee and service fee. Unlike many companies, we will advise the possible costs and available options before coming out.

Call us today on (02) 9723 0953 for a quote. Depending on the problem, we will confirm whether the problem can be fixed. We don't want to charge you a fee for "doing nothing".


Our service & repairs department is available Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm. If you are experiencing an urgent problem with your garage door, we can also organise for an "after hour" emergency service.

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