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Choosing the right Garage Door Opener


With so many different brands and models of garage doors motors out there, how do you know which motor is the best for your garage door? There are many websites that list "The Top 10 Garage Door Openers" or "The most Popular Garage Doors Motors 2015". But according to who? Are they simply selling the products they stock or promoting for their advertisers?

We mainly brands  such as Merlin, ATA, Steel-Line Boss and Gliderol. But we would not state "These are the top openers". We can only list the facts for each motor based on our installers' experience and most importantly, based on our Customers' feedback over the years. One thing for sure, we can only recommend the most reliable products to keep our Customers happy, also for OUR business sake. This is because we offer up to 7 years warranty on some of these garage door motors, if the motor is not reliable then we would waste a lot of time & money to come back for warranty service.

So the question remains, how do you choose the best garage door opener?


We believe you should make your decision based on the following:

  • How much warranty is being offered? This is usually a good indication of the opener's durability.

  • Is the company reputable and how long has it been in business? Will the business uphold their warranty? You can check for a business's ABN and other details to see how long it's been operating etc.

  • Is the motor compatible with your garage door? Check the size of your garage door against the maximum size the motor can lift.

  • Choose between the option of a Belt Driven motor or a Chain Driven motor (for sectional / tilt doors). The Belt Driven motor is generally more quiet, durable and it is obviously a newer model comparing to the Chain Driven opener.

  • Will the motor fit the garage door's clearance? If your Roller Garage Door has very limited side room, you might have to look for specific brand of motor which is extra slim.

  • Reputation and popularity. Some people choose an opener based on their own experience or their friends and family's recommendation. For example, the Merlin brand seems to be the most popular choice as many people have heard or have used this brand before.

  • The price! This is important too. If you're on a tight budget, which would you choose? A Gliderol motor with 5 years warranty which cost $400, or the popular Merlin with 5 years warranty which cost around $500? In the end, we think warranty is what most matters (providing that the company provides full warranty paperwork and will uphold their warranty).

  • There are many other factors that people would take into consideration when choosing a garage door opener. As long as it suits your individual preferences and your garage door requirements.

Why not have a chat with us today or call (02) 9723 0953. We can recommend a suitable brand and model to suit your budget, door type & size.

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