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Sales Questions - Garage Doors


Do you provide onsite quotes?
No, unfortunately we do not provide free measure & quotes. However, we can provide instant quote you over the phone, emails or LIVE CHAT.


Can I get an approximate price over phone or chat?

You certainly can! If you want to have an idea of what prices you're looking at before proceeding you can certainly get a ball park figure first.


All you need to do is give us approximate measurements of your garage door and we can provide you with a very good approximation of prices. We can also forward a written quote to your email or fax. If you don't know the measurements please let us know whether it's a standard single (one car) or standard double (two cars) garage. Remember, the more details you can give us the more accurate our quote will be. You will not need to be responsible for the measurement, it is not final. If you do wish to proceed we will do an onsite measure and confirm prices. Prices might vary once we have the final measurements, but not by much if you have given us accurate measurements.



What type of doors are there and what are the main differences?
1. Sectional doors: these doors are opened panels by panels, go straight up and and into your garage. It lies flat against your ceiling once fully opened. These doors look great and but the cost is slighter higher than Roller Doors. You can choose various patterns and colours.

2. Roller Doors:
its name says it all. When opened, these doors roll up into big rolls up the top of your garage. You can choose various colourbond colours but only one standard roller door pattern is available.

3. Tilt Doors:
often mistaken as Sectional Doors. A Tilt Door has just ONE solid panel. When opened, the bottom of a Tilt Door swings outwards and the top goes into your garage. Due to the way it opens, you can not park your car too close to the outside of your garage. Tilt doors are becoming outdated nowadays. Unfortunately we no longer supply or install Tilt Doors, we can still automate them.

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What are the structural requirements to install a garage door?

We have installed garage doors for normal garages, carports and even back entrance for houses in the busy city areas. However we do have a few structural requirements such as sideroom, headroom and clearance. Requirements vary from Sectional Doors and Roller Doors but here is a standard guide:

  • Sufficient Sideroom - the distance between the garage opening to the side wall needs to be 150mm or a minimum of 120mm.

  • Sufficient Headroom - the distance between the top of your garage opening to the ceiling or nearest obstruction nees to be at least 330mm for manual doors or 390mm for automatic doors.

Please view our brochure (last page) for more details on Installation Requirements.



Can I choose from different colours and will that affect the price?
Yes there are a range of colourbond colours for both sectional doors and roller doors. From standard colours such as Classic Cream, Surfmist (white) to Manor Red, Ironestone, Nightsky (black) and more.
Download Colour Chart for full colour range. Choice of colour and pattern does not affect the price.


Does your quote include taking down & remove of my old door?

It usually does. Our quote will clearly state whether we're including take down & remove. If you choose to remove your old garage door yourself, please let us know. We can take old doors down for free.

Sales Questions - Garage Doors Motors


Is an onsite inspection required?
No, an onsite inspection is not required for garage doors automation. We will simply ask you a series of questions before quoting you and confirming whether your garage door can be automated. Providing that you give us accurate and truthful answers, when we come out to do the work and it can not be done for any unforseen reason we will not charge you a call out fee.


What are the requirements to automate my garage door?
Most garage doors can be automated. The doors just need to be in good working condition with sufficient clearance and there should be standard powerpoints in your garage. You will also need an alternative access into your garage if you live in a unit or you have a detached garage. If an alternative access is not availabe, you will need to install an additional Emergency Key Release (additional cost).

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What brands of motors are you using?

We only use the highest quality, Australian made motors. We mainly use Gliderol motors for sectional doors, tilt door and roller doors. However, at times we also use other Australian brands such as ATA or Merlin.


What's the Warranty on Motors?

We're offering up to 5 years warranty for some doors. Warrany period varies between door condition and age. We will specify warranty on our receipt. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details on warranty and how it works.



How many remote controls am I getting?
Usually 2 remote controls for sectional and tilt doors automation and 2 remote controls plus 1 wall unit for roller doors automation. However, once in a while we do have specials where we give away free remote controls. Please visit our This Week's Specials page to watch out for extra remote controls offers.


What's not included?
The following is not included with our standard garage motor package: powerpoints, external key release, sensor beam, garage door major servicing (minor servicing is included).


Does the size of my garage door affect the price?
Yes it certainly does! Please let us know if you have a huge heavy door! If you don't know the exact measurement please give us your best approximation. If you have a double, timber garage we will need to use a heavy duty motor which could cost abit more but will work better for you.


Please be as accurate as possible in terms of garage door size. If you tell us it's a standard single garage (2.5 metres wide) but your garage is in fact 4 metres wide then there will be additional costs. Our installers will advise of this additional cost and you can choose whether to go ahead or not. However, to help us provide you with better service please be as accurate as possible. We appreciate your time and effort.

Are there any possible additional costs?

Most of the time there isn't. We try our best to cover all possibilities before coming out to do the job. We don't like surprises and neither do you. Possible additional costs include: doors that need major servicing, door size which is a lot larger than what you've told us, no alternative access which requires external key release.


We will remind you with as much as we can and we appreciate your help to avoid any unexpected additional costs.


Questions regarding Orders and Installation


How long is ordering time for garage doors?
Ordering time for new garage doors is between 10-14 working days. Please note that it will be 10-14 business days excluding weekends and public holidays. There is a very small chance of manufacturing delays but most of the time your door will be ready for installation within the 10-14 working days timeframe. If you need it done quicker please advise us before placing an order. We can mark your order as urgent but we can not guarantee it will be ready by the time you required. After your door is ready we will contact you to organise a date for installation which is usually within the next couple of days depending on our workload. We try to get it installed for you ASAP.


Can I change my mind after placing an order?
If it has not been more than 24hrs since you've placed a deposit for a garage door order please contact us immediately if you change your mind regarding door colour and style. Unfortunately once a deposit is placed, you can not completely cancel your order. Deposit is none refundable.


How long is your Warranty and what does it cover?
We offer up to 5 years warranty on some products. Please read on our Warranty Information.


How should I prepare my garage for installation?
To help our installation easier and quicker please make sure your garage is reasonably cleared, or as cleared as possible. We advise that you remove large pieces of furniture to the sides of your garage or out of your garage if possible. Please do so a day before installation, our installers can not help clearing up your garage for you. We appreciate your effort.


How long will installation take?
Installation of one single garage door with automation is usually around 3-4 hours. Installation of one garage door motor is usally around 1-2hrs. All of our installations will be completed in one day.


Questions regarding Payment


Will I need to make a deposit?
Yes, with new garage door orders we will require a deposit of 30%. No deposit is required for garage door automation.


How and when should I pay the remaining balance?

You will need to pay the remaining balance once the job is completed. We require complete payment on the day of installation. If you can not pay on the day you will need to contact us prior to installation to organise payment for a deferred payment.


What are your payment options?
We accept cash, personal cheques, business cheques and major credit cards (2.6% surcharge for credit cards payment). We also accept EFT or Direct Bank Deposit for deposits.


If your question hasn't been answered, call us on (02) 9723 0953 or HAVE A CHAT.

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