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Garage Doors

New or replacing existing Garage Doors

Are you building a new house with a new garage? We can supply you with the best suited type of garage door for your garage.
Sick of your run down, 40 years old garage door? It's time to upgrade. We can recommend the best suited type of door for your garage and remove your old door for you.



Sectional / Overhead Garage Doors


Enhance the exterior of your home with a garage door that will complement any style of architecture. We have a range of door styles to suit the unique characteristics of your home. Choose from the following modern style of doors:


- Alucabond doors

- Timber doors

- Colorbond Timber Looks

- or Standard Colorbond Sectional garage doors.



- Gliderol Standard Colorbond Sectional Doors

- Gliderol Timber Looks Sectional Doors - Native Series

- Gliderol Timber Looks Sectional Doors - Premium Timber Paint



Roller Garage Doors


Gliderol’s Roller Garage Doors are designed and manufactured in Australia from durable BlueScope steel and are made to suit most garage openings, adding style and character to any home. In addition to being built to operate with minimal noise and friction, Gliderol Roller Doors are specifically designed with a reinforced bottom rail to protect your home against intruders.


Gliderol Roller Doors are also:


- Available in a wide range of Colorbond Colours

- Hard wearing and high performing


With strength and safety guaranteed, every Gliderol door is made to your individual wants and needs at no additional costs, meaning you can have a Gliderol Roller Door for your home now.





Not sure what type of garage door you're after?

There are 3 types of garage doors: Roller Doors, Sectional Doors and Tilt Doors. Unfortunately we do not supply or install Tilt (one piece) doors.


Roller Doors - "Roll up into one big roll" Garage Doors.

These kind of doors are very common. The most non-technical way to describe a Roller Door is, "it rolls up into one big roll when it opens". A Roller Door

generally has a standard pattern and you can choose from a range of Colorbond Colours.


Roller Doors are best suited for garages that have plenty of "headroom" and enough height to spare. Roller Doors are also better for Carports as they have less structural requirements. In terms of prices, Roller Doors are slightly more affordable than Sectional Doors. However, if your garage door's width reaches 5 metres or more we would recommend Sectional Doors..


Sectional Doors - "Panel by Panel" Garage Doors

These are sometimes called the "Panel" doors. Sectional or Panel doors "open up section by section". They are the more popular type of garage doors. Sectional doors come with optional features such as glass windows and various patterns to choose from. Sectional doors typically come in 4 or 5 panels, "joined" together internally. The panel doors are dearer than Roller doors but you can choose from a few different patterns: squares, rectangles or just straight lines. You can also choose from a range from colorbond colours to suite your house existing colour scheme.


We would especially recommend Sectional doors for large garages. Roller Doors work best for carports or open, back lane entrance.


Our Products and Services

At CMC Automatic Doors, we strive to keep our business going strong for many more years to come. We only use the highest quality products we know and offer our best possible services. After all, we offer you up to 5 years of warranty on our workmanship and up to 5 years on some of our products! We would not want to keep coming back to fix or replace the products.


Our Products - High Quality Australian Brand
As mentioned above, we use high quality, Australian brand Gliderol and Steel-Line garage doors.


Our Installers with more than 10 years experience
We are a family operated business and do not have Contractors. Our installers are friendly, professional and always put 100% into installing your garage doors. Read more about our work and service. Our Customers are always happy with the quality of our installation. We guarantee a nice, neat job and a high quality installation. Afterall, our installers do have over 10 years installing garage doors & motors. See our Customers Feedbacks.


Our Business - Fully Insured

CMC Automatic Doors has been opeating for more than 10 years. We are an Australian registered business. Our ABN is 79529606730. We are fully insured with YouI for Public Liability, our business insurance number is SMD011371912. If you require an electronic copy of our insurance, please email us.


Still have Questions?

Need further information or advice on preparing your garage or getting new garage doors? Contact us today to get free advice. CHAT with us or email us at You can also visit our Online Help Forum, our Blog or FAQ section.

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