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What do I need to automate my Garage Door?


Garage door automation can be very straightforward if your garage door was installed “appropriately”. An onsite inspection is not required for garage door automation. Your garage door just need to meet the following basic requirements:

Garage Door is in good working condition

It doesn’t matter if your door is 5 years old or 30 years old, as long as it has been maintained well and it’s in good working condition. The way to tell is, is it hard to open and close manually or you can do this fairly smoothly? As long as it’s opening & closing well then we should be able to automate it.

There is a standard power point within your garage

The motor will need to be plugged into a standard power point at all times. Please check to see if there is a power point within your garage. For Roller Doors, the power point should ideally be close to the side of the door. For Sectional Doors or Tilt Doors, a power point up in the ceiling, in the middle of the garage would be perfect. Keep in mind, the motor itself does have a 1 meter cord.If your power point is further away, you can always temporarily run an extension lead to the motor.

There is sufficient headroom (top clearance) or sideroom
(side clearance)
Many garage doors do not have enough clearance for them to be automated. When you ask for a quote we will definitely ask “How much sideroom / headroom does your garage door have?”. For Roller Doors, we need sideroom of at least 200mm from the door bracket to the sidewall. For Sectional Doors & Tilt door, we need headroom of at least 300mm. Please ask our Sales Rep for further assistance on checking garage door clearance.

The garage door is within the size you have stated

Garage doors come in many different sizes. A Single garage door does NOT mean 1 door, a Double does not mean 2 doors. A single garage door means it’s a small door which fits ONE (single) car. A standard single is around 2.1 meter high by 2.5 meter wide. A double garage door means it’s a big door which fits TWO (double) cars. A standard double is around 2.4 meter high by 5 meter wide. When asked, please give us your best size estimation. We do not expect you to be exact, but if you state the garage door is a single and it turns out to be 4 meter wide, understandably there will be an additional installation cost.

There is an alternative access into your garage

If not, we recommend installing an external key release (additional cost).An alternative access into your garage door could be an internal door through to the house or a small back door. Once your garage door is automated, if there is a power failure or any problem with the motor, you will need to be able to get into your garage using an alternative access to pull the manual override cord (releasing the door back to manual mode). For people who live in an apartment, unit or have a detached garage with no other way to get in, we will recommend installing an external key release. This is an extra cost (from $90), however it is optional and you can decide on the day.

If you are unsure about anything else or have any other questions regarding garage door automation requirements, please do not hesitate to ask our friendly Sale Rep on (02) 9723 0953, we’ll be more than happy to help!

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